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Thrifty_Shopper_customersThrifty Shopper stores have been around since the 1960s but today they could be mistaken for a national department store!  Thanks to great donations from community members, the merchandise sold at our stores is fashionable, in great condition and meets the needs of a large range of customers.  There’s clothing for everyone in the family, professionals and people just looking to expand their wardrobe.  For households the stores carry dishes, glassware, kitchen gadgets, decorative items, linens and even furniture (most stores).  When you shop at a Thrifty Shopper, you are getting a great deal and you are helping the Rescue Mission bring an end to hunger and homelessness.  Remember, your purchases stays local to help those in need.


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    No one should have to be hungry or homeless. It can happen for so many reasons and once there, it can be a difficult road back. You can help the Rescue Mission work to end hunger and homelessness by joining our mission.

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